The Plague of Mavros: Seeking Peace



[size=150]A[/size][size=120]s the warm months of Summer draw to a close, the Spring and Summer Spirits of Louloudia begin to bed down, making way for the crisp and frigid spirits of Autumn and Winter. As the planet shifts, a sudden darkness falls over Louloudia; time is running out for the Seasonal Spirits and an unrest takes hold, throwing the seasons off balance.

The creatures of the forests, deserts, and swamps cry out and scatter, for they feel a sinister shift in the atmosphere. [/size]

[size=150]M[/size][size=120]avros reels its ugly head, using ancient forces to capture and crystalize the Seasonal Spirits’ chosen Peacekeepers. The Peacekeepers are powerless to Mavros’ bad tidings. It laughs, tossing out fragments of crystals all throughout Louloudia, sure that the beloved Seasonal Spirits’ Peacekeepers will never be found and the land will never be protected again, giving Mavros freedom to draw the love and life forces from Louloudia’s precious creatures.[/size]

[size=150]O[/size][size=120]ne mighty creature, a small red fox with button-buck velvety antlers and her black cat companion, takes a stand against Mavros by setting out to find the crystalized Peacekeepers. Adventure awaits you on this crusade to save the land, but beware of trickery, darkness, and deceit for it’s up to you to join the search![/size][/center][/i]


I don’t know if I can comment here or not but I AM SO EXCITED FOR THJS


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oh no!! one of our louloudia queens!!!