The Plague of Mavros: Autumn's Departure p. 3




[justify][i][size=200]T[/size]hough the air around hangs thick with a growing fog, a subtle light can be made out in the distance. For those patient enough to linger, a figure soon reveals itself - the shape of a lithe, four-legged animal. However, as the figure approaches, it couldn’t possibly be so. The being before you, shrouded in light, presents themselves in the form of a red fox. Their loose tail is tethered gently in the old life from the forest, dead leaves crunching beneath their feet. When the fox is just several feet from you, they stop, lift their head, and appear to look at you with a nostalgic fondness. There’s the sense that this being has visited before, and their footsteps have memories of the land beneath them.[/i]

Greetings, gentle inhabits of Louloudia,” they call to you, with a voice that could only be described as light rainfall. “I am the spirit of Autumn, and I bring with me a great seasonal shift. I paint the land in many shades, bring about the time of harvest, and prepare the land for its approaching chill.

The fox slowly sits down, not breaking their gaze.

I must call on you all to help me with a difficult talk. You may already feel that the land is out of balance. An unnatural chill fills the air long before the time of Winter is ready to rise from its slumber. The sun becomes blotted out with a foggy darkness. I’m afraid Mavros has come to steal the soul of our very world.

They look toward the sky and the mood in the air shifts.

The very beings we Spirits have chosen to keep peace in Louloudia have been snatched up by Mavros’ grasp. He has hidden our Peacekeepers throughout the land, and I’m afraid that he has used a very dark magic to make me blind to their presence. I cannot easily sense them around me. I need your help to find them before too long, or I’m afraid they may vanish from existence forever.

A strange feeling of warmth creeps up around you, like a blanket made from the air itself. A sense of hope begins to form.

You will not be alone, my dear Louloudian. I will be with you. Complete this task for me, and the Spirits of Louloudia will surely grace you with their blessings for many years to come. As you move forward now, fear not - I will be working to fight Mavros’ dark magic so that I may offer you my assistance.

The fox, in a simple, almost ethereal movement, rises to their feet and bows deeply. As softly as they appeared, so they disappear back into the dark forest.




In order to free Louloudia’s Peacekeepers, you must search for fragmented crystals on the Chat and Forum throughout specified periods of time. Follow along carefully because Mavros is watching all of you closely…



[spoiler][center][size=120]October 8th - October 14th[/size] ::: Search for crystal fragments on the chat[/center]
For this part of the event you will be searching for crystal fragments hidden throughout the areas of Louloudia’s chat. These fragments will be a part of the background of each area (room). Once you’ve found a crystal, bring it back to Autumn, so that the spirit may gather strength to fend off Mavros in your honor. Beware of foul play and trickery…

[/spoiler][spoiler][center]October 15th - October 21st ::: Search for crystal fragments on the forum![/center]
For this part of the event you will be searching for crystal fragments hidden throughout the forum posts of Louloudia. These fragments will appear in specific forums and forum posts. Clues for each fragment will be released throughout this week of the event. Once you’ve found a crystal, you must bring it back to Autumn once again.


[spoiler][center][size=120]October 22nd - October 28th[/size]
Search for crystallized Peacekeepers on our webpages and in chat![/center]

For the climax of the event, you must search for the Peacekeepers in their crystal prisons throughout the webpages of Louloudia. If you find a Peacekeeper whose pose is of them trapped in their crystal prison on chat, this may also count as finding the Peacekeeper’s crystal! Once you’ve found a crystallized Peacekeeper, you must bring the final piece back to the spirit of Autumn so that it may put all the fragments back together to release the Peacekeeper.

[center][size=120]October 29th - October 31st[/size]
Winners announced & prizes distributed![/center]

To conclude the event, prizes for restoring the season’s peace will be awarded to those who have journeyed throughout the land, dedicating themselves to finding the fragments and crystals in the form of custom and pre-made artwork by @Kahja & @AΘENA.

***Three members of those who have actively participated throughout the event will be chosen at random to win any one of these prizes.***

Grand Prize : Fully custom collaborative pose featuring your character and your favorite seasonal spirit (or Mavros) within the pose
Secondary Prize : Full-body flatcolor with your character and your favorite seasonal spirit
Tertiary Prize : Avatar flatcolor with the Autumn Seasonal Spirit
Any and all participants of the event may use these pre-made grayscales :
[center] or uncolored [/center]
Permissions: Pomegranate, Ilos, Acne, Osiris, Jakiss, Alpen, Unibee, Hocus, Vreel, Dorian

[size=95][center]Current artwork on this topic was done by @AΘENA, @Kahja, @rivrj, and @Saeglopur respectively.[/center][/size]


This is so so exciting, I am so thrilled for this event!!! Let’s work together and save our fellow Louloudians!


excited abt this!!


is it sunday yeT




tries to break free


I love the art we’re allowed to use!!! This event has so many bonuses!!!


UM!?!??!?!? YOU GUYS?!?!??!
I saw Mavros earlier, he flew around the room like a jerk… I think he’s hiding more crystals?! There are two more locations with crystals to find now!




what is he up to…


i’m beginning to fear the worst


excuse me sir… i need you to not


i hate this [strike][size=50]mother efing[/size][/strike] bird


I want to find them all


This is Kahja and I support this message


I found a few crystals and sent them in a message to the red fox! I will save my dearest Aleth!!!




[justify][i][size=200]A [/size]familiar figure appears from the shadows, leaves crunching beneath their gentle step.

“Well done! Well done. With the incredible work you’ve all accomplished finding last week’s shards, I’ve been able to gather enough energy to help you out with some clues this week. You will find your first clue below. It seems that Mavros has really gone out of his way to spread these shards all over the place, even deep within particular areas. You might have to do some digging into older conversations among friends. Do not fear, I will be back each day to provide you with a new clue throughout the course of the week. I have the utmost faith in you all, and I know we’ll be rid of this darkness soon. If you see any hints of Mavros’ darkness along the way… be brave of heart. I’ll be alongside you.”[/i][/justify]


[spoiler]Your clue for Sunday, October 15th is…
The soft red glimmer of Aletheia’s tourmaline can be spotted where one would be most likely to celebrate a special day.

Your clue for Monday, October 16th is…
The orange flicker of Kahja’s tangerine quartz dwells in a setting robust with friendly conversation and activity.

Your clue for Tuesday, October 17th is…
The warm glow of AΘENA’s amber rests in an area where one might go to unleash their creative side.

Your clue for Wednesday, October 18th is…
The cold speck of Saeglopur’s green fluorite can be found where one goes to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings.

Your clue for Thursday, October 19th is…
The icy glimmer of Rayna’s aqua quartz can be found where one may discuss Louloudia’s flora and fauna.[/spoiler]

Your clue for Friday, October 20th is…
The mesmerizing shine of Rivrj’s amethyst can be found where many of us begin our journey.
Come back tomorrow for a new clue![/center]

(As a reminder, all of the forum shards have now been hidden. They will be spread throughout posts in both main forums and subforums. If you are eager to search, you are of course able to find them all in one or two days & send your finds along to Autumn. You will need to send screenshots of the entire forum page for each shard. If you are someone who has a bit of trouble, these clues should help you out. Please do not hesitate to contact Autumn or an Overseer if you are finding the search difficult as the week draws to a close.)


good morning, everyone. I see a new clue for Monday! I think Autumn may be regaining her strength, because I’ve seen evidence of her magic in the areas where tourmaline is said to be hidden. there are some small leaves floating around, if you keep an eye on titles… keep searching, and I’m sure she will be able to continue providing us with assistance.


[center]The air turns cold suddenly and unnaturally.

“You would all be wise to keep in mind that I don’t take kindly to fool’s jokes. Go on and find your silly shards, I’m far from through with Louloudia.”

Mavros unfurls his wings and rises to the highest ledge, glowing eyes just barely within your view - but it’s enough to send a chill down anyone’s spine.[/center]



[i][size=200]T[/size]he Autumn spirit bounds before you, its coat lustrous and sleek, with noticeably leaner muscles rippling beneath. The spirit is glowing with strength now, its eyes brighter and more determined than ever!
"You’ve done a marvelous job on your journey. I cannot thank you enough for your dedication to our Peacekeepers and restoring the balance of Louloudia. Your journey, this task I’ve wrought upon you, is nearly complete. The last leg of this journey is to find the Peacekeepers themselves in each of their crystal prisons; Aletheia is trapped in Red Tourmaline, Saeglopur in Green Fluorite, AOENA in Amber, Rayna in Aqua Quartz, Kahja in Tangerine Quartz, and rivrj in Amethyst. You may find them hidden throughout Louloudia’s Homepage and even on chat! If you spot a Peacekeeper trapped in their crystal as their pose, I will accept this as a find!

Go now, Spirits’ fortune and good tidings be with you!"[/b][/i][/center]