skull beasts


i’m glad people are still interested in this idea!

i’d also like to apologize for not posting any more art pieces. at this stage of my life i’ve pretty much completely stopped drawing and i haven’t really been able to find the energy needed to produce art these days. because of that, i’m not sure if i’ll be able to produce something more substantial. i just don’t think i have the ability anymore.

i’ve drawn a lot of skull beasts over the years and their concept/idea is very dear and personal to me, i think because my character twiggy wears one. so while i don’t know if i’ll be able to produce art anymore, if the concept is something that makes its way into louloudia i’d love to still be a part of it if possible, even if it’s just helping with backstory/lore.


@Twiggy I’m so sorry that this is such a late response, but I wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate your thoughts and contributions here. I understand not having the energy to draw or wanting to focus on other aspects of your life. we all love your ideas here and are so thankful that you’re willing to let us use something that’s so special to you. we will definitely keep you updated when we’re able to take this concept further, and you’ll always be a part of it. thank you so much.



AAAAAA I love skull creatures! I have a character with a skull mask on her head so she’d fit in perfectly with this!




Wow I love this idea!!