Posting in The Fairy Ring (Read Me)


As of February 2018, we want to give everyone a heads up that we’re moving in a slightly different yet much more productive direction with our vision for this section.

From here on out, flora and fauna concepts presented in this section are eligible to be claimed by Louloudian Muses for construction. They will mark claimed topics by editing the title with a b[/b] and posting on the topic. These concepts will be taken to The Drawing Board, a special-access forum where Patrons can view various works in progress.

You are entirely welcome to construct your own ideas for Louloudian species in our Galleries if you would prefer to craft them on your own. This section provides an option for people who do not have the time, resources, or otherwise ability to bring their own ideas to life. This provides mutual benefit to both Muses and community members. Muses will work with your ideas in their own time (whether they be presented as a handful of notes, rough sketches, or even just some basic inspirations), and the original member who posted their idea will have a special place in the final Encyclopedia entry for the finalized species.

These changes do not apply to older posts (before February 2018) in The Fairy Ring.
If you would like an older post to be available for claiming, moved to the Galleries, or taken care of differently – please let a team member know!