pine cone snakes and the plant that they disguise as!


I can’t draw, so I’ll do my best to make this make sense with just words. ;~;

[size=150]The Plant[/size]

Key Features:

  • Literally just looks like a pine cone.
  • Grows on any tree in any climate! They’re very adaptable and durable little plants.
  • Natural colors only (browns, desaturated oranges and reds, like leaves).
  • Bioluminescent speckles that look like stardust, but are only visible in the dark. Can be ANY color!
  • The “pines” can be plucked from the seed in the middle and be boiled and the water used for soothing nausea. Don’t eat the actual pines, though, as they do not digest well!
  • The seed in the middle itself can either be eaten as is or crushed into a powder and mixed with a drink as a sleep aid.

[size=150]The Snake[/size]

Key Features:

  • Scales that “preen” or fan out both in defense and as camouflage! They disguise themselves as [plant]! Their head is the only thing that doesn’t do this, so they look like pine cones with heads sticking out of one end. It still fools predators, though!
  • Short and fat! Usually no more than two feet long and can be as thick as a baseball at the thickest part of their body!
  • Can be any color that [plant] can be and any pattern you can think of!
  • Bioluminescent speckles that look like stardust cover their body, but are only visible in the dark. Can be ANY color!
  • They live mainly in jungles and thick forests, where fruit is plenty. They live up in the trees and rarely come down to the ground.
  • Their diet consists of eggs and fruit, since those can be found within the trees.
  • They can gather water to drink by preening their scales and catching rain! The water will make its way down through the preened scales and directly to their mouths.
  • They are not venomous or poisonous.

I might think of more later, but this is what I have so far!