Moth-fox set


So for our first, or one of our first, chat sets, we’d like to have my moth-fox species. They’re an open species made by me and their species sheet may be seen below (which needs an update badly… will update before Louloudia opens lol…)

I thought i’d like to have at the very least twenty poses, possibly more if we can come up with lots of dynamic/necessary poses together. I think what i’d like from you, our invitees, are pose ideas and moth-fox appearance. What kinds of traits and markings should our set have, do you think? since this species is REALLY open and has such a wide range of features and markings, i’d like to know what you all think would be best for Louloudia.
Note: the markings are what matter here, not so much the colors since the set will be tri-colored later.

Pose list:

  1. [strike]Enter[/strike] (floating? running? jumping?)
  2. [strike]Sit[/strike]
  3. [strike]Lay[/strike]
  4. [strike]Lay down[/strike]
  5. [strike]Stand[/strike]
  6. [strike]Yawn[/strike]
  7. [strike]Angry[/strike] (growling/snarling?)
  8. [strike]Pounce/play[/strike]
  9. [strike]Grooming[/strike]
  10. Sprawling/rolling
  11. Pupae (5 sub-category basic poses)
  12. Grassy/mossy/mushroomy
  13. [strike]AFK[/strike] (cocoon)
  14. [strike]Big fluffy tail[/strike]
  15. Gag camouflaged in grass
  16. [strike]Butterfly/moth play[/strike]
  17. [strike]Sad/cry[/strike]

these are just some of the BASICS that i want for the set for sure, but i need your guys’ help to come up with some more dynamic poses for the set.




these are coming along beautifully


thank you!! i’m happy you like them :smiley:

i also refined the sketches for the sit & enter poses, so we can get a feel for how the final poses will look


So pretty and wonderful just like you :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


did up a couple more :slight_smile:


You have NO idea how much I love these


These are SO. BEAUTIFUL. My goodness.


omgomgomg they are PERFECT


i feel so encouraged by all these nice comments ;___; i’m really glad that you guys are excited about these & i feel more confident about being able to complete these by myself, i’ve found some interesting new techniques for outlining and stuff so :slight_smile:


you’re doing great, these are gorgeous. pls do that weird pose you shared on Skype… pls…


i got carried away & drew out a whole ton of poses… i didn’t go with some of our suggestions, though D:

i wanna do that weird one that i linked in the skype group too haha.



Moth/Play is my fav… f;asdjfl;kj this is so exciting

May I make a suggestion for the growl, though?


yes of course!


I’m probably just being a picky dork honestly… but for the snarl, it sort of looks like the moth-fox is looking down? It could also just be the sketch as well

I was going to suggest try angling its head upwards a bit more, so it looks like it’s looking further up! I couldn’t find very many pictures, but something like these:

You’re more than welcome not to use this suggestion, by the way! ;;


I love enter and pout SO. MUCH. Content is also super beautiful.


I’d like to live in the groom pose


SORRY I NEVER RESPONDED TO THIS SOONER??? Yes i think i’ll try and rework that pose, it looks like it’s gonna poop or puke or something… Thank you for suggesting this, i think that might be the key!

Also i picked these back up today & began outlining them :slight_smile:

this took me about an hour to full outline, so i have my work cut out for me whoops!!!

OH and i briefly mentioned to Selamar that i’d like to maybe have like 3 sets of these on chat with Common, Uncommon, and Rare traits (i.e. antennae & different markings for each set) How do you guys feel about this?


I think that would be awesome.