golem sprites


selamar and i were discussing these, along with phantasma and alpen!

key details -

  • they are tiny, whispy sprites with no body originally and use rubble, rocks, crystals, and other debris to make their bodies
  • rarer items can also be used, such as bones, but they are more of an aesthetic choice. mural pieces (as seen above) can also be used for both structural and aesthetic purposes.
  • they are friendly and enjoy helping!
  • they occur naturally, but can also be created using magic.
  • these creatures are rather small, usually maxing out at 2 feet tall, but if the sprite is very strong they can be bigger!
  • these little golem helpers can also be seen naturally in their original states, and often look like whispy little fireflies at night
  • some louloudia inhabitants even take it upon themselves to help them build their bodies

i’m still working on these, and they need a name as well, so input is greatly appreciated!




A very different and unique concept :> love it

I feel some fanart coming on in the near future


ahhhh this is so neat, I love that they don’t have their own form but utilize nature to create different bodies. they could look vastly different in different kinds of ecosystems…


yeees that’s the idea! depending on where they hail from Louloudia, they’ll take on an entirely different appearance!

I’m glad you guys like these little fellas n____n


these are so interesting and adorable holy moly


Thank you so much! These are still allowed to be used here, by the way, and I can expand upon them if the louloudia team would like me to


I would personally love to hear more about these. I think they fit very nicely with the lore of our site.


My initial idea for these is still the same essentially! Maybe I can work on some lore for them. I also had some other concepts I’d like to bring to life that I’ll make into another more cohesive topic for the rest of my concepts.
Do we have an established and detailed layout map of Louloudia yet, aside from the map? I’ve been gone for a bit so I’m sorry if I’m not up to date with everything yet.


I still love these to pieces. HA

there is no real detailed map yet, but it can always be changed/modified/enlarged etc. things can also be added at any time. I think that I would like to expand it quite a bit in the future (basically making it bigger so that there’s more environmental diversity and so it’s just … bigger), so if you need to create a sort of environment or additional area for specific species to dwell in, you’re more than welcome to and we can add it to our map/lore - this actually goes for anyone wanting to contribute to our lore at all!!


and good! i definitely plan on dishing out some interesting concepts here in the future


Awww look at these guys!!! These would be super cute to see like scattered or ‘hidden’ within the rooms or everywhere on the forums! Like little pixels maybe??