Flower Sprites


I wanted to bring up this idea to see what others might think about them fitting into the lore here. It’s still in the early brainstorming phase, but I wanted to get it out before I forgot!

I haven’t had time to sketch anything up yet, but I will be updating with some species ideas at a later time.

These will be kirin like species that are like “guardians” of the flora of Louloudia. I was thinking they could, if we wanted to add a sort of magic component, even help to create the flora. The state of the flora could affect the intensity of their markings - the healthier the ecosystem, the brighter their markings. When the ecosystem is at it’s best, their markings could even have a sort of glow to them.

I was thinking as well instead of organs, they might have flowers and other plants - allowing for more unique distinctions between them.

There could be those that dwell in the water and those that live on land.

Anyone have any input, ideas, or feedback?


Definitely love the idea of kirin. We have some stuff in the wips but I think that we could definitely apply your idea in there somehow at some point! Thank you for posting this.

I love where you were going with the brightness of them and the wealth of the ecosystem


i love love love kirin. i love the idea of their environment changing how they look, too. if part of them are flowers/plants, what happens during a drought or a particularly cold winter? do they go from bright colours to brown/white? would some thrive in colder climates? i think this could be really cool, and the idea sounds beautiful. i look forward to seeing more!


this is a really cool idea, and I love that they’re connected to the flora so deeply. I like that they would glow when they’re feeling their best. I wonder if any of them would sort of reverse the effect and bring some kind of decay if they ever fell ill or if something were to upset their balance somehow? that might be an interesting story to play out, or something to use for events in the future. I like the idea that @Twiggy brought up too, about a specific type that would thrive during the colder seasons. we do have some ideas for specific spirits that bring in the changing of seasons, which I’ll have to come back to talk about soon, but I think that we can bring these two things together.

thank you so much for sharing, I feel like these ideas would do really well here and fit in nicely. the idea of them being a type of kirin is also really fitting; I’m going to research them a bit and see if I can add any other ideas to this!


i really love this so much !!! kirins (qilin) are so neat and so diversive that they’d fit so nicely. especially with the flowers too !
also, on some sites im reading they describe the kirins as a ‘good omen associated with serenity and prosperity’ and ‘they will refuse to walk upon grass for fear of harming a single blade, and thus are often depicted walking upon the clouds or the water.’ the endless possibilities for different characteristics and features are so exciting !!

i also really like the idea of their foliage changing with the seasons/ decaying (possibly with sickness or age?)

japanese mythology & wiki


these sound really interesting and I think I might have something that we can work together on to make this really flourish

… pun not intended hehehe


i laughed wayyy too hard at this