Concepts & landscapes


this is where i’m posting my concepts for now on MAIN SICK CONCEPT HUB

first and foremost tree giants

  • giant docile creatures that traverse the lands of Louloudia but primarily stick to the larger forests
  • they can consist of fallen trees, dead trees, or still living trees depending on how they came to be. can be made of a specific kind of tree (i.e. willow, oak, maple) or be nondescript
  • they aren’t “born” but instead come into existence of a nature spirit possessing any given fragments and pulling themselves together using magic
  • when possessed, each one acquires a face similar to that of the spirit that possessed it
  • they are capable of “growing” as the spirits who possess them find better parts to replace the ones they have
  • they are very gentle creatures who often take to caring for injured wildlife, housing birds and other creatures in their leaves if they possess any, and enjoy making friends with others
  • they are incapable of speech and speak with gestures or through banging certain things together (even with things on their own body), but are capable of humming and their songs can often be heard filling up the forests and other spaces


some birbs i’ll come up with more info on later on


2nd image, top:

  • sentient bird people
  • capable of speech
  • lives in small primal communities in the trees
  • they are knowledgeable and enjoy telling tales to those who pass, often about the lost civilization

2nd image, left (flying bird):

  • glass golem spirits/automatons made by the civilization before
  • although the civilization is lost they still carry out their task of caring for and lighting the temples and other fixtures
  • often embedded with gemstones and the like
  • powered by leftover magic in the land and atmosphere
  • are actually pretty hardy despite being made of glass
  • makes musical clinking noises instead of chirps


omg i love the tree giants! they’re like the ents of LOTR :hbexcited: i like the way they come into existence too, that’s my favorite concept.


Thank you!! hopefully I’ll have more on the other concepts here soon


all your concepts and backstories are so original and interesting


thank you @apollo !
it means so much to me that people think my work is creative and interesting