Avian Species [In the Works]


Hey guys,

So, I love birbs. We know this… I want to help derive our first, specific avian species for Lou. I’ve been brainstorming lately, but fighting a cold. I want to reserve this topic to post my research and ideas.

  • I have the idea that they are similar in size and shape to a Golden Pheasant. A bulbous body, with unique coloration and elongated tail feathers.
  • They aren’t actually fond of flying and prefer to remain in the brush and lower-level flora.
  • One thing that I am pretty certain and set on is their song : they sound like bamboo wind-chimes.
  • Pheasants are foragers. Perhaps these specific birds are fond of glowing crystals hidden throughout the world. Or our glowing mushrooms!
  • Despite the referenced birds bright coloration, I figured these birds would have a color scheme of their natural surrounding terrain. If they are ground birds, they will want to hide; however, they do have one defining bright color. This is used to signal for mates and represent the bird’s overall health. The brighter or more intense this singular color, the healthier the bird.

Body Research



The Song
Click Here

The Alarm Call
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Ideas and Input are welcome.


Some more ideas! I’ll refine these later.

  • I want to incorporate a quail-like frill on the top of their head… Cause it’s cute and kind of fits the ground-forager look. I see them more like quails now than pheasants, but with the body from the one above.
  • So, the color that was described above (the bright one) in their plumage can be developed from their diet. Almost like Flamingos turn pink due to their primary food. These birds love our glowing mushrooms around Louloudia. These mushrooms help them develop a brighter, healthier color dynamic.


I love these ideas and I’m so excited, they seem so cute and fitting. I can’t wait to see how they turn out and what other features you might come up with! they’re great so far. mushroom chickens.


I’m so glad that you like the ideas so far! I plan to sketch a bit next week since I’ll be busy at Tech with long nights and breaks.

Any input or suggestions are welcome!


ohhhhh I’m super excited to see how this progresses, especially knowing how involved you are with birds.


this better be their pose set name if they become one… “mushroom chickens”