A New Path


in regards to the recent bans and other happenings on Chatlands, with heavy hearts, the owners of Louloudia have decided that we will be removing our project from Chatlands as soon as possible. this means that we will no longer be affiliating ourselves with Chatlands and our temporary chat server (chatlands.louloudia.com/) will no longer be available to us or our members.

in the meantime, we are going to work on some changes to keep things interactive and get our Patreon finalized.

in regards to poses and subscriptions, we will be able to go through manually and make changes, but I do recommend saving your poses ahead of time. it would also be very helpful if everyone viewing this could remove any uploaded poses and set all subscriptions to free.

we will make another mention before the chat actually goes down. thank you to everyone, we appreciate your support and understanding. we also apologize sincerely to anyone this has affected and hope you know that we stand by you.

how you can help:

  • consider supporting us on Patreon or donating directly to our project. funds gathered will be used towards hiring a potential tech member and other technical necessities
  • please help us keep our project relevant and active by using our forum and Discord server
  • if you know of anyone that enjoys coding, programming, etc please point them in our direction or provide us with their contact information
  • fill out our feedback form or post your suggestions for forum content and Patreon rewards
  • share our Facebook across your social media accounts if you feel comfortable doing so

admittedly, we were not entirely ready to break away from Chatlands just yet, and we are still developing a plan of action for our next steps. we encourage you to talk with us about potential options and to ask any related questions directly on this topic, or on our Discord. we hope to provide you with a better layout in terms of a more concrete plan in the very near future.

we are striving to be as open as possible with our entire community from our developing stages onward, so please don’t hesitate to approach us if you would like more information behind our reasoning. otherwise, thank you for continuing to follow along with our updates. we are incredibly happy to have all of you here alongside us as we begin these next stages of our project. your energy and activity are appreciated more than ever at this time. keep an eye out for updates!


I wholeheartedly support this decision and I’m so incredibly grateful to have a staff team that genuinely values us and our thoughts and opinions. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing, and I can’t wait to see Louloudia continue to grow and develop!


though i am sad that the conditions had to be this way… i am super excited to see what’s to come in the future !

i can’t wait to help donate and be apart of this change with everyone <3


i wholeheartedly agree with andes and ilos; thank you so much for making this hard decision. it really shows this userbase that you care<3


<3 I fully support everything and anything that you all decide to do.


very happy for your next big step! good luck!!!


I’m sorry it came to this, and even if you may haven’t been as ready as you wanted for this decision, you made it for your userbase, and their protection and consideration, which is admirable and amazing and shows how much you care about them.
I will gladly support and help you any way I can when able or shoot coders, if I come across them, you’re way as there’s definitely more than a couple out here on the internet, as they say, there’s a lot of fish in the ocean.

I have a few personal questions about the forums - if you’re okay with me asking you about it? If not I’d understand.


I feel that this move is what is best for your project and everyone’s wellbeing. You have full control of your world outside of Chatlands and that will help everything grow immensely without backlash or stalling. I support your decision and look forward to what you have created and will continue to create. I will follow and assist when possible. :slight_smile:


thank you for such a positive response. this definitely was a tough decision and it wasn’t made lightly, but we are happy to have such a wonderful community to move forward with and we care for all of you immensely.

of course. you’re welcome to PM me or ask here, whichever you prefer.


I am here and ready to assist however I can! stomps hooves


I pray that everything goes well <3


Indeed. I’ll scrapre togather a few bucks to hurl at the Patreon and can maybe offer some rooms.


I wish nothing but the best for your project


I am here if you guys happen to need anything I might be able to help with.
I know this site will accomplish great things and continue to be a place of growth.


Our recent Patreon posts have some exciting updates about our new platform progress, but we’ll be sure to reveal some snippets for everyone in the near future. :uniloved:


I can’t wait for Louloudia to go solo!! It’s so exciting!!
Recent things happened to one of my close friends on Chatlands, and I kind of don’t want anything to do with it anymore. Once Louloudia has its own platform, I am making it my home.


i love this community <3


This move does not come as a surprise to me, as, ever since I was able to work alongside you, you have always been open and willing to allow Louloudia to branch outside of Chatlands and its community. While it saddens me that Chatlands is being left behind, I am happy for Louloudia’s team, and also believe it is the best decision for Louloudia and its ideals going forward. While it wasn’t as big of a deal just a few years prior, Chatlands has been consumed by toxicity lately by recent events as well as events and behavior that has boiled up for a long time now. Even if it takes awhile to really get a chat client for Louloudia running, I am sure that it will be worth the wait.
Louloudia has a wonderful, kind, and dedicated community that doesn’t necessarily need a chat to survive. I wish I could be around to see it grow more often! (that college life tho)


I’m happy to see a brave face decide to take their own path with clear eyes.
I can’t wait to see how all goes down the road; the journey will be worth it!
I wish the very best in your endeavors.~